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4 Easy ways to install a plugin on WordPress


WordPress is one of most popular CMS, developers are constantly developing plugins and themes to make hectic work easier. If you are starting your blog using WordPress CMS then you will get exposure to unlimited free or paid plugins. Here I will show you how you can install a plugin on WordPress blog. Please note …

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How to Install and Configure Yoast SEO Plugin?


Yoast SEO plugin is one of the most important plugins to install on your WordPress blog for SEO purpose. This plugin makes it very easy to do SEO which is utmost important for a blog. This article is going to be a bit longer as I will go through each and every option of Yoast …


How to Install Google Analytics on a WordPress Site?

When we start a website, our primary goal is to get traffic from different sources to make it successful. You may have different objectives such as getting more organic traffic or traffic from some specific countries, or traffic for some highly searched keywords, etc. Whatever the case might be, you always need a tool that …


Simple but Essential basic setting after fresh WordPress Installation

If you are here means, you have already installed WordPress on your hosting server. If you have not yet installed WordPress, below tutorials will help you to do so. Install WordPress using Cpanel? Install WordPress on Your Hosting Server Using FTP Client FileZilla? If you are a passionate web developer or want to test anything …


How to Install WordPress on Your Local Machine Using WAMP or XAMPP?


Installing WordPress on your local computer will help you to test your blog before making it live. Mostly plugin and theme developers first test their theme/plugin’s features on local computer before testing on a live site. When they are sure about everything, then they use on the live site. If you want to make some changes …


How to Take Backup of WordPress Blog Files, Database Manually and Automatically

How to take backup of WordPress blog file and database manually and automatically

In blogging journey, if you will ask me, What is the most important task to do for a blog? Then my answer would be ‘BACKUP’. Here I will show you how to take backup of your blog database and blog file using various methods. Before starting with methods let us check the importance of taking …


How to Install WordPress Using cPanel?

How to Install WordPress Using cPanel

In the last blog post, I explained how to install WordPress using FileZilla which is easy but takes some time to complete. Today, I am going to explain, how you can install WP using cPanel which doesn’t take more than a minute to install. Before we go through the steps, let’s talk a bit about …


How to Install WordPress on Your Hosting Server Using FTP Client FileZilla?

On, I have planned to write everything I know about WordPress to help the newbies. I dedicated the very first post to WordPress itself in which I wrote about it, its history, and a bit of facts & stats. You can read that here. Now, in this blog post, I am going to share …


What is WordPress and Why Should You Choose it?

I have been working with WordPress for more than 6 years now, and I am completely in love with it because of the flexibility it offers for customization. Believe me, if you have a good knowledge, you can customize WordPress to the way you want. No Restrictions at all. However, for basic set up of …